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Oil Chemists

Oilchemists is a specialist arm of Fleet Oil Ltd, a leader in the supply of offshore chemist and scientific staffing solutions to the global hydrocarbon industry.

We exist to support the existing infrastructure based in Scotland, to develop and responsibly utilise the hydrocarbon reserves of the North Sea. Although most of our chemistry work is within the North Sea, we also have clients and candidates in Houston, Texas; Canada; Baku, Azerbaijan; Perth, Australia; Sakhalin Island and West Africa.

At Fleet oil we work closely with the major players in the chemical testing and chemical vendor industries to supply staff members or contractors for projects based in Aberdeen, the North Sea and overseas.

We are experienced in the supply of laboratory staff and contractors who can take your project through from conception and development to laboratory start up and onto the continuation of a fully effective laboratory function. Our expertise is the supply of experienced ad-hoc chemists and microbiological staff to enhance and supplement your existing team.

Oilchemists recruit and supply a full range of chemists and associated scientists in the following fields:

  • Development Chemists
  • Laboratory start-up chemists
  • Laboratory Managers/ Supervisors
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Production Chemists
  • Demulsifier Chemists
  • Scale Chemists
  • Flow-assurance specialists
  • Corrosion Chemists
  • Testing Chemists for laboratory follow-up analysis
  • Oil and Water Chemists
  • Microbiologists
  • Ad-hoc Offshore Chemists

Oilchemists are happy to discuss placements with trainee level chemists, with some suitable level of chemistry education, or to explore career development possibilities with experienced oil industry professionals. We can assist with finding a suitable staff or contract position.

Our placed candidates have a wide variety of skills and experience including: oil and water analysis, Karl Fischer techniques, BS & Ws, H2S analysis, Methanol testing, Ion analysis, Scale Squeezes and demulsifier work.

We have placed candidates in a number of locations including oil platforms and floating production, storage and off-loading vessels and onshore laboratory facilities.

We can also arrange job-specific oil industry training for candidates with a work history or educational background in chemistry.

We do not have the constraints of many recruitment firms, as we do not have “soft targets”, i.e. the necessity to send a certain number of CVs to clients every day. Principally, we enjoy what we do, and we intend this to be reflected in aiding your career or your requirement for staff. It is difficult to help everybody realise their career ambitions, but we provide a service of impartial and honest advice throughout our dealings with both client and candidate and aim to get you one step closer to your ideal career or future colleague.