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Guide to Working as an Offshore Chemist

Chemists have a number of roles in the offshore industry, but the basic principles are the same. Your role as an offshore chemist is to provide sampling, analysis and chemical treatment (as required) to ensure the safe and effective function of the offshore process.

The more common chemistry functions offshore are as follows:

  • Laboratory technician
  • Chemical custodian
  • Squeeze chemistry
  • Chemical trials

Chemists either work on a rotation basis or on an ad-hoc basis; these are covered by both contract and staff employment.

There are no hard and fast rules as to who is suitable for offshore employment as a chemist, but we will give serious consideration to candidates with the following credentials:

  • Degree in chemistry
  • Previous experience of offshore chemistry
  • Previous experience of oilfield chemistry in an offshore role
  • Proven track record in onshore process chemistry role

Not all the above are essential, but give a good indication of what we look for. Relevant experience is highly desirable and, as such, a recent graduate will find it hard to move into the offshore industry without it. The team at Fleet Oil and Oilchemists can advise any chemists looking to move into the Oil Industry of the ways in which they can progress their career.