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Onshore Laboratory Support

The diverse nature of Fleet Oil Chemists includes backgrounds with laboratory experience from oilfield laboratories to analytical and downstream laboratories.

Fleet Chemists are trained in (but not limited to) the following techniques:
● LPR (Linear Polarisation Resistance)
● RCE (Rotating Cylinder Electrode)
● HSAT (High Speed Autoclave Test)
● Coupon Analysis
● Dynamic Scale Loop
● Static Jar Testing
● Core Flooding
● Chromatography
● Oil in Water
● Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)
● Foam and Antifoam Testing
● Rheometry
● Pour Point
● Wax Crystallisation
● Cold Finger
● Turbidity/Cloud Point
● Asphaltenes Testing
● Stability Testing
● Microscopy
● Titrations
● Density
● Kinetic Turbidity Testing (KTT)

If you would like to discuss your chemistry support requirements or see a copy of our Terms and Conditions of Business, please contact Peter Moulding on +44(0) 131 564 0090