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Meet the Team

Peter Moulding – Operations Director
Pete’s name is synonymous with Oilfield Chemistry having specialised in Technical Chemistry solutions within the Oil and Gas sector for over 17 years. Alongside his detailed knowledge of the Oil market, Pete brings a strategic awareness which allows him to develop dedicated, collegiate, solutions driven relationships with Fleet Clients. The ultimate objective is to provide an extension to the Client’s service offering by way of additional specialised skillsets and support allowing the Client to build and expand upon their existing business lines.
Pete has now made his home in Spain and is a dedicated extreme mountain bike and adventure sports enthusiast.

Daryl Anderson – Technical Manager
Daryl possesses over 10 years within Oil Chemistry having worked at Baker Hughes as a Lead Engineer (RDD Scientist Chemist) for almost 8 years. Daryl has significant expertise in:
• Fluid separations
• Flow Assurance
• Integrity management
• Bacterial control
• Enhanced Oil Recovery

Daryl joined Fleet in 2020 and has made an immediate impact assessing, coordinating and supporting Fleet’s Chemists. He is the central repository of all things technical in the world of Oil Chemistry (if Daryl doesn’t know the answer, he knows someone in the team that will)!

Craig Phipps – Managing Director
Craig has been involved within the oil & gas and financial services sectors for over 25 years. His professional interests lie in technically niche commercial ventures where a service can significantly impact and overcome sector challenges. Starting his career as a market leader in the recruitment of global markets corporate governance and quantitative risk professionals, Craig was a founding member of Fleet Oil and is an integral part of the management team.
In his spare time Craig enjoys rugby (as a spectator now rather than player), skiing, fencing as well as researching the oil & gas and financial markets.

Paul Stanbridge – Managing Director
Paul is a founding member of Fleet Oil and brings over 20 years multi-sector recruitment experience. His interests are in building resilience in business enabling long term growth and stability in volatile markets. When not building business, he is passionate about sport fencing achieving individual and team medals in commonwealth and national competitions and building the same passion in others as a qualified fencing coach.